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At Peachtree Detox, our comprehensive and effective drug detox in Atlanta specializes in providing compassionate, integrated care. Understanding the challenges of addiction, our team of experts is dedicated to offering personalized care and support throughout your journey to recovery. 

Our Atlanta detox programs are designed to safely manage withdrawal symptoms and lay the foundation for lasting sobriety. Call us now at 470-613-7881 to learn more and begin your journey towards a better future.

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What to Expect During Our Drug Detox in Atlanta

Our drug detox program in Atlanta offers medical supervision and support to individuals undergoing drug withdrawal. When a person begins their recovery journey at our drug detox in Atlanta, they can expect to be treated with compassion and respect. Additionally, they can expect top quality medical and therapeutic care delivered by a team of licensed and highly experienced professionals. 

When entering our drug detox in Atlanta, clients can also expect:

What Type of Drugs Do I Need to Detox From?

Drug detox programs can vary based on the substance involved. While some chemical substances result in more severe withdrawal symptoms (namely benzodiazepines and alcohol), withdrawing from any substance can be dangerous. By entering a medically monitored detox program, a person has access to around-the-clock medical care. This way, symptoms can be treated as soon as they develop, and the duration of withdrawal is dramatically reduced. 

Common drugs that typically require detox include:

How Long Does Detox Normally Take?

The duration of drug detox varies depending on several factors like the type of drug, duration of use, and the individual’s physical and mental health. 

Generally, detox can last from a few days to several weeks. Detox for opioids, including heroin, prescription painkillers, and fentanyl, can take anywhere from 5 to 7 days. The peak of withdrawal symptoms occurs around the third day. 

Benzodiazepine Detox: Benzo detox requires a longer detox process, typically ranging from 10 to 14 days, due to their prolonged withdrawal timeline. Detoxing from benzodiazepines can be dangerous, sometimes resulting in seizures and other life-threatening complications. 

Cocaine Detox: Cocaine detox is relatively shorter, usually lasting 5 to 7 days, with the peak of withdrawal symptoms manifesting within the first few days. 

Methamphetamine Detox: Meth detox can take approximately 7 to 10 days, with the most intense withdrawal symptoms appearing within the first week. 

Alcohol Detox: Alcohol detox is critical and can be dangerous; it typically lasts about 7 days, with the potential for severe withdrawal symptoms necessitating medical supervision. It’s crucial to note that these timelines are approximate and can differ based on individual health, usage patterns, and other factors.

Is Drug Detox Necessary?

Detox is a necessary step for individuals experiencing drug withdrawal, primarily because it addresses the physical dependence on substances safely and effectively. When a person habitually uses drugs, their body becomes accustomed to the presence of the substance. Stopping or reducing use abruptly triggers withdrawal symptoms, which can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening, depending on the substance and the severity of the addiction. 

Detox provides a medically supervised environment where these symptoms can be managed safely. It helps mitigate the risks associated with withdrawal, especially in the case of alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opioids. Moreover, detox serves as a foundation for long-term treatment, clearing the individual’s system of substances and enabling them to engage more effectively in further rehabilitation. By ensuring a safer transition away from physical dependence, detox paves the way for psychological healing and recovery.

What Happens After Drug Detox is Over?

Once the detox process is complete, the journey towards long-term recovery is far from over. Aftercare is an important next step, with options tailored to the needs of each client. The severity of their addiction also plays a role in which level of care will be the most appropriate. 

Inpatient rehab is a comprehensive option, offering a structured environment with 24-hour care and support. It focuses on deep-rooted issues driving addictive behaviors. Also known as residential rehab, this level of care typically lasts for 30 to 90 days. 

Outpatient Treatment Options

For those who require a less intensive level of care, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) provide a balanced approach, offering structured treatment during the day while allowing patients to return home in the evenings. This option is ideal for individuals with a stable home environment but who still need considerable support and therapy. Some clients choose to live in a sober home while attending PHP. 

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) offer even more flexibility, suitable for those transitioning back to daily life while maintaining a focus on recovery. IOP typically involves several hours of therapy per week, offering support and counseling to help maintain sobriety. Each of these aftercare options plays a crucial role in reinforcing the skills and strategies needed for long-term recovery, emphasizing the importance of ongoing support and personal growth post-detox.

What to Look For in Continuing Care

Post-detox, it is always a good idea to transition into a level of care that includes:

  • Therapy sessions (individual and group).
  • Holistic treatments (yoga, meditation).
  • Developing coping strategies.
  • Life skills training, like vocational services and educational placement if necessary. 
  • Ongoing support and aftercare planning.

Begin Drug Detox in Atlanta Today

For more information about our drug detox services in Atlanta, or to begin the journey towards recovery, contact Peachtree Detox today. Our compassionate team is ready to support you every step of the way. As soon as you make the decision to reach out for help, we will be there to help guide you through our simple, straightforward admissions process. 

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